“Nova Scotia…”

My alarm goes off.  It’s Monday morning, and the last day in my work every weekend, five day work week.  I immediately reach into the fullness of blankets next to me, and locate my husband.  He has just finished the last of three, 12 hour night shifts.  We said goodbye to each other on Friday morning when I left for work, and we both spent the weekend working opposite shifts.   He sneaks in early in the morning, and I sneak out a little after that.

I wrap my arms around him, and although I know I shouldn’t wake him I gently nudge into him and run my fingers through his hair.  Kenny fills his lungs with air and lets out and enormous sigh in a way only the truly exhausted can.

We say good morning, and share our accounts of the weekend.  I had a nightmare client, and last minute disaster.  He had a major mechanical breakdown, and was three people down on his already too small crew.  We both agreed that we really liked the left over lasagna that we made in advance, and that next time we make lasagna we’ll make two and have one in the freezer for weekends like this.

Weekends like this… When we trudge down this tedious and tiresome beaten path.  Kenny feels resentful for the time that has been taken away from us, and I hate going to bed at night without him.  We agree that there’s more to life than this, and I know that there is something deep inside me that is yearning for something more.

Do we really have to do this?


Wait, no?

There’s a million ideas running through my head, and what if we just leave our jobs, sell our home, and take off?  But, where?

Somewhere the air is fresh, and the soil is rich.  A place that we can grow our own food and live a quiet, simple life.  In tune with nature, and each other.

We are interrupted by the warning of my persistent alarm.  I glance at the time, and at Kenny.  I’m going to be late if I don’t get up, but he pulls me back down and says, “Nova Scotia…”


That morning was well over a year ago, and we have been settling into our Nova Scotia farmhouse for about a month.  I’ve never been so tired, and we haven’t even begun the really hard work yet.

Ever since that day I’ve been living for something more.  I awake with purpose and motivation.  Determination has rooted itself within me, and like a farmer tending her field I have committed to tend to the creative fires of my heart, finally.

My husband is the hardest working man I have ever met.  At times it drives me crazy that he just cannot sit still, but I admire his grit and determination.  However, he also knows the practice of striking the balance between hard work and downtime, and he definitely knows how to have a good time!  I could not imagine a better suited partner to enlist with.

Today I’m sitting in the sunshine, there’s a lobster in the sink waiting for dinner, and the Bay of Fundy is blurred in the distance thanks to this warm August day.  We relocated here from Dundas, Ontario with our two kitties and trusty sidekicks Jean-luc and Sidney.  They are happily patrolling their new, vast yard.  We’ve recently expanded our family to include the sweetest bunny sisters, Betty and Wilma, and we plan to get chickens soon too.

I am passionate about the life I want to create, and fearful of all the what ifs.  I don’t know all the answers, and I have so much to learn, but I couldn’t be happier that we decided to take the chance to follow our dreams.

We are Kenny and Sarah Macalpine of Two Birds One Stone Farm, in Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Here we’ll share ups and downs of our new life getting this old farm working again.


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  1. You, madam, are a writer.
    Luckily, I am a reader.
    I’m going to enjoy this, the steps you two are taking on the path.

  2. the pictures are so beautiful! Looking forward to reading more 😊

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