Reflection of an Eclipse

My new life happens in two week blocks.  Every other Friday is garbage day, and the day I bottle my kombucha.  On that day Kenny and I marvel at how the time has gone by since the last garbage day and reflect on all the progress we’ve made, and the progress that we wished we would have made in the past two weeks.

Naturally, this past Friday was no different.  I made an extra tangy batch of kombucha, and Kenny is just starting to appreciate a taste for it.  We reflected on our plans for the barns and gardens, and did some minor tweaking.  We made some serious strides in our quest to tame the wild field, and are getting to know how to work our new tractor.  It feels like it’s really starting to come together.

Our first plot.  We are adding some nitrogen and covering it with a black tarp until spring, when we will make ten, 100′ rows.

While reflecting on the previous two weeks, instinctively we look towards the future and set goals for things we would like to see weeded off our ever growing list.  Nonetheless, Kenny and I made plans to get the greenhouse up and running, and I dreamed up a visit to Guy Frenchys; A chain of second hand clothing stores here that are well known for their incredible deals.  I’ve heard ladies talk about some of the items they’ve discovered there the same way I’ve overheard people talking about the lottery.  I’m a bit ashamed that I still haven’t been.

This south facing area off the workshop is going to be our little nursery next spring! We need to paint the inside white and set up our tables and shelves to maximize our space.

On Saturday morning our house was enclosed in a thick fog, and it rained all day.  The wind swirled through the unshut kitchen windows and whistled its way through the house.   My husband and I looked at each other as we started to glimpse a little further into the future, and beyond our little list.  These are the last moments of summer, and inevitably winter is approaching.  The signs were evident at the farmer’s market too, and we stockpiled August’s tremendous harvest so we could spend the rest of the day canning and listening to the season shift.

It is within all this looking forward and back that I became aware of how far we’ve really come. As the moon passed the between the course of the sun and the earth it crystallized within me, and I began to appreciate the moment, and feel so grateful.

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  1. Frenchys is amazing. Always take a trip when we go east. Ahh. The changing of the biggest reasons I am so glad I’m Canadian..even the winter has its particular charm!

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