Our Story

We chose our name, Two Birds One Stone Farm because it symbolizes us working together for one goal.  It’s also about working smarter to achieve something that is threaded into our hearts, whilst cherishing, and giving back to this one precious planet.

This photo of Kenny was taken the day after we arrived at our new home, and farm.  It perfectly sums up how we both were feeling about finally being here, embarking on our new adventure.  We were too far into the summer season that year to attempt to start a real garden of our own, but we happily foraged our new property for the elements of many bouquets for our table, this one being our very first.

Kenny comes from an industrial background, but his soul has invariably been the happiest when with nature, and he’s always had a green thumb.  He has plenty of experience in propagating and caring for plants, in fact he’s even a bit of an expert in some varieties!  He brings so much to the farm, including, (but not limited to) management of irrigation systems, building anything and everything, fixing and maintaining mechanical stuff, moral boosting, problem solving, and the best homemade pizza.  He really is a Jack-of-all-trades!


I’m Sarah, much like my husband I’m happiest when I’m outdoors.  My path to farming hasn’t been a straight one, but when I look back now I can see it was always meant to be. The pursuit to find my place in this world has been led by nature’s beauty, and despite my wanderlust I can finally say I have truly landed somewhere where my soul never wants to leave.

I’m a dreamer, and a planner, with some astute multi-tasking and organizational skills.  I am committed to learning, and have learned that even if I spend a million years at this, there will always be another lesson.  I’m also an artist, and a writer and am passionate about applying my creativity in new ways.  I set goals for the farm and break them down into small, manageable pieces.  I take care of logistics, and marketing, as well as our laying hens and picking rocks from the field.