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Tuna Ceviche

In celebration of the present moment, and the beautiful days of summer, here’s something that I could eat every single day, and tastes like summer in every bite.

Reflection of an Eclipse

My new life happens in two week blocks.  Every other Friday is garbage day, and the day I bottle my kombucha.  On that day Kenny and I marvel at how the time has gone by since the last garbage day and reflect on all… Continue Reading “Reflection of an Eclipse”

The Tractor

If you were to tell me when I was nine years old that in 25 years I would own a house with a wood stove, and enjoy stacking wood, I would have rolled my eyes so far back in my head I’d be blind. … Continue Reading “The Tractor”

Fresh Air and Blueberries

Every once in a while a simple moment takes me away to a former occasion where I savoured the remarkably familiar nuances of life.  It just so happens these heart-stirring occurrences have been happening a little more frequently lately, and they’re rather fortuitous.  There’s… Continue Reading “Fresh Air and Blueberries”

“Nova Scotia…”

My alarm goes off.  It’s Monday morning, and the last day in my work every weekend, five day work week.  I immediately reach into the fullness of blankets next to me, and locate my husband.  He has just finished the last of three, 12… Continue Reading ““Nova Scotia…””