Spring Sale! Dahlia Tubers and More

Spring Sale! Dahlia Tubers and More

Dahlia Tuber Terms & Conditions:

Dahlia Tuber Quality Assurance: Each listing pertains to one (1) dahlia tuber. Rest assured, every tuber will contain at least one eye and will be dispatched in a condition where, with proper care, it is primed to grow into a healthy dahlia plant.

Shipping Policy: We endeavor to ship your order promptly within the estimated timeframe stated at the point of purchase. Please note that shipping dates are approximate (Mid April at the earliest) and contingent upon factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions. We prioritize shipping during consistently warm weather via express post for optimal conditions.

Storage Recommendations: To maintain tuber viability, store them in a dark, cool, dry, and well-ventilated environment until planting.

Survival Disclaimer: While we meticulously source and provide high-quality dahlia tubers, their survival post-delivery is subject to various factors beyond our control, including customer care, planting conditions, and climate. Therefore, we disclaim liability for any failure of tubers to thrive or bloom.

Virus and Disease Disclaimer: Despite our stringent precautions, including sourcing from reputable suppliers and adhering to good horticultural practices, we cannot guarantee complete absence of viral, bacterial, or other infections in our dahlia tubers. We disclaim liability for any infections present in tubers or developing post-planting.

Mislabel: While we strive for accuracy in labeling, occasional mislabeling due to human error or unforeseen circumstances may occur. We cannot guarantee labeling accuracy on each tuber and disclaim liability for any such discrepancies.

Returns: Due to the perishable nature of dahlia tubers, returns are not accepted except in cases of damage upon delivery. Please notify us within 3 days of delivery with photographic evidence, and we will review your claim.

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