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Long-Lasting Lilacs

For me, the decent from spring into summer is marked by the return of lilacs.  They’re pretty hard not to love; Those warm purple tones with their intoxicating scent, and the romantic way they laze on the branch… I’m pretty sure they’re just begging to be cut, but they can be challenging to keep looking their best after bringing them in.  Read on for our pro tips for keeping those lilacs looking fresh for days!

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Sure Signs of Spring

Spring has finally arrived in our little corner of the world! It came on the wings of robins and was followed by crocuses, and croaking frogs. We hurried it along by planting tulips in our greenhouse, and have been happily harvesting away at them now for the last few weeks. With any luck when our crop is finished inside our field planted tulips should be just about ready to go. The magic of spring touches everything, and inspires some of the year’s most anticipated beauty. For me, the sight of the first pussy willows is an exciting one, it’s once of nature’s first nuances that the seasons are shifting. I remember being fascinated by them as child, and thought of...

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Cooking with Kenny: Mussels Marinara with Wayfarers' Beer Bread

A while back while visiting Wayfarers’ Ale Society in Port Williams, Nova Scotia we were bestowed with a beer bread recipe from Colleen, one of the most personable, and delightful servers we have ever met.  We came home that day with their Ruby Ale Irish Red (all of their beer is brewed on site), and the very best intentions to make her delicious bread. ...But, we drank the beer, and misplaced the recipe. Sometime during the onslaught of Nor’easters we received in March we revived the idea to make that bread.  We headed out, and brought home enough beer to make the bread, and have some to spare. When we got home we realized the recipe we had wasn’t where we thought we...

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